Early Adopters Program


A lot of you beautiful people have been asking us for some time now, how much is The Machinery going to cost??? And we’ve been a bit silent about it. Not because we wanted to withhold the information for some crazy fancy launch, but we really didn’t know ourselves. We did a ton of research and got a lot of feedback with different pricing models and we finally landed on something:

  • The Indie Free license is completely free for indie developers and includes all of The Machinery, except for the source code.

  • The Indie Pro license is exactly the same, but also includes the full source code of the engine and all associated tools. For this version, we charge $100/user/year.

  • The Business version is aimed towards professional users. It includes the same stuff as the Indie Pro version except your support tickets will be prioritized. It sells at $900/user/year.

We define as an “indie”, any company whose yearly revenue or funding is less than $100K/year.

In addition to these (in our view) already fair prices we also wanted to offer a big discount to anyone who wants to join this journey with us early and support us from the start. So until the end of the year 2021, we’re running an Early Adopters program with all licenses at 50 % off. (If you buy a license before the end of 2021 you will keep this discounted subscription price for the next five years.) We know switching or even trying out a new engine is a major undertaking and we will be there to help you succeed every step of the way.

Here’s our current pricing model for The Machinery:

Indie Free

For companies < $100K revenue




Indie Pro

For companies < $100K revenue



/ user / year


For companies > $100K revenue



/ user / year


We'd love to talk to you and find out your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us and speak directly to our CEO.


Indie Free Indie Pro Business Enterprise
Commercial use
Source code access
Unlimited revenue
Prioritized support
Bespoke solutions

Note that all of the licenses allow for full royalty-free use of The Machinery:

  • You can build games using The Machinery and sell them.
  • You can create tools and applications using The Machinery and sell those tools.
  • You can build plugins and extensions for The Machinery and sell them.
  • You can make tutorials, blog posts, books, and videos about The Machinery and sell them.

The only thing you can’t sell is The Machinery itself, or a re-skin of The Machinery. If your customers are using The Machinery, they need a license too.

More details about the license can be found in our FAQ. If you are currently using the Beta License of The Machinery, you will be automatically switched over to the Indie Free license.

If you are considering becoming an early licensee of The Machinery, know that we put a high value on your patronage and will do our best to make you succeed. We know that the success of the engine depends a lot on having happy early users that are successfully building games, tools, and other products in the engine.

Is there a feature you are missing? A platform you need support for? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and tell us your needs. The development direction of the engine will be driven by the needs of the community.

We are grateful for your support and thank you in advance for everything you do to help The Machinery succeed.

by The Machinery Team