GDC 2020

I am lagging behind my WaSaBis! I will be back on track with them next time, but I wanted to go through our GDC 2020 activities with you just in case you are curious or you will be attending.

The guys are currently bringing The Machinery Alpha into Closed Beta. We are also making a demo to showcase at our meetings and at the Our Machinery Meetup. We are so excited for this GDC because we’ve really tightened up what The Machinery is and will be along with the business model.

Niklas Gray’s GDC Talk: Niklas will be speaking at the Tools Summit this year, the schedule has not been updated but here’s the link for more information.

3rd Annual Our Machinery Meetup: March 17th 6pm-9pm at the usual spot, Waystone. We’ll have the latest version of The Machinery, our newest member Karl, and limited edition Pork Beanies.

GDC meetings: We’ll be located 6 mins by foot from Moscone Center if you would like to schedule a meeting with us. We’ll have snacks and drinks. We are also happy to meet you at your meeting room if you need to check us out but can’t leave your area due to scheduling, we know how it is.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

by Tricia Gray