Interns at Our Machinery

This summer, as Tobias, Niklas, and I discussed how our future internship program should be structured, three intern requests came in serendipitously. Even though we did not set up anything for internships officially, we decided to move forward with these three people after interviewing each of them. One from The Netherlands, one from Germany, and and one from Italy. Since we are all in some stage of Covid Lockdowns, it was easy for us to get them all together to work online.

I find it important to know who is making the stuff you’re using, whether it’s clothing, food items, or tech. In the next few blogs we’ll introduce you to our three latest additions to the Our Machinery Team: Leonardo, Simon, and Frank. We are still nailing down the final structure on the application and work processes for internships here at Our Machinery, but if you are interested feel free to ping us. I am also going to be actively reaching out to programs like Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code in the future to funnel more up and coming coders into Our Machinery.


Please welcome Leonardo:


I’m Leonardo, a 27 year old programmer from Turin, Italy.

I joined the Our Machinery club two months ago, and up to this point, it has been the most exciting work experience I ever had… by far!

It’s my first experience in the game industry so everything it’s a bit “new” and I still need to metabolize a lot of processes and learn about the codebase before I can bring the slightest amount of productivity to the company, but I’ll get there pretty soon… the onboarding experience has been absolutely smooooth thanks to the other awesome people in the team.

I love games in general (I like RPGs of all kinds, from Amiga’s Eye of The Beholder and Black Crypt up to Diablo 2 and Don’t Starve), I also like creating games myself quite a lot, (as you may have guessed), but what I’ve found about myself is that what I truly love, what I absolutely want to do for a living, is to program all those systems that allow people to create and quickly alter the rules of their games to see how they change and evolve, making the combinations of possible player experiences explode exponentially:

  • Are you developing a chess-like game? What if you could quickly add new pieces with totally different movesets and appearances in a breeze?

  • Are you programming an RPG? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that allows you to create many different weapons and equipment pieces procedurally, with just a handful of images?

  • And what about allowing designers to generate new species of plants/flowers at will, by specifying just a couple of real-world plant parameters?

That’s the reason why I’m so excited about being here at Our Machinery: the possibility to invent, rethink, improve, and enrich the ways in which people bring their game ideas to life.

Hit me up at [email protected] or on the Our Machinery discord server if you want to talk about cool things like game-tech, entity-systems, RPGs, basketball. (and handmade pizza of course!)

See you around!


by The Machinery Team