The Machinery Roadmap Update!

First off, I want to thank everyone that has downloaded or bought a license as part of our Early Adopters Program. Also, to all the developers that are contributing to improving the engine, either with feedback or with actual pull requests, THANK YOU!!!

As you know, we want to be as transparent as possible, so today we are making our roadmap public. On the roadmap you can find a list of all the big features we are currently working on or have planned to do. When we have a known quarterly delivery date, we put it on there to help with your planning. You can also “like” the features that are important to you (you need to login to your account first, your like is tied to your account email).

We can’t promise that we will always be able to prioritize the likes as there are lots of considerations that go into the roadmap, but we’ll definitely pay attention to them. And if we see something get a thousand likes more than anything else, we know we need to jump on that one 😉.

You can find the roadmap here:

by Tricia Gray