The Machinery Beta — July 2020 (version 2020.7)

We are starting our summer vacations at Our Machinery, so this release is a little lighter than usual. Hope that you too are able to spend some time outside and catch a little sunshine!

As always, registered beta users can download the build from our forum. If you want to join the beta, sign up! If you find bugs in this release or have requests for specific features, post them to our issue tracker. For more general discussions, hit us up on the forum or Discord.

Key highlights in this release are:

And as always, we have a number of smaller updates.

Expansion of Inherited Nodes

Nodes inherited from a prototype can now be expanded in the Entity Tree. This let’s you expand the tree all the way down to the object you want to override without having to tediously “drill down” to find the object:

Expanding inherited objects in the Tree View.

Expanding inherited objects in the Tree View.

Resolution Scale

The Machinery now has a Resolution Scale setting that allows you to set the zoom level ofthe UI. You can access it using either the Window > Zoom menu option or through File > Settings.

Changing the UI zoom level.

Changing the UI zoom level.


  • Fix for a bug in the Memory Use Statistics view where it would sometimes miscount allocations.
  • Fix for the placement of popup menus in small windows.
  • Tree views can now be tabbed to in the UI.
  • Ranges can be selected in the Console tab by shift-clicking.
  • Fix for crash when error messages were printed to a cleared Console tab. [#258]
  • Fix for drawing of inherited blend state animations.


  • Nodes can now be moved in the Graph view using the arrow keys.
  • Added an Add to Float Variable Node for the entity graph.
  • Fix for crash when pressing < Back in a subgraph view with multiple nodes selected.
  • Added a Log node to the Entity Graph.
  • Fix for a bug where connections directly between two subgraph nodes didn’t work.
  • Newly created subgraph nodes are now selected.
  • It is now possible to add events to subgraph nodes using the + connector.
  • The sample projects have been rewritten to use subgraphs.
  • Fixed a bug where instantiating the same subgraph asset multiple times in a graph would create issues.


  • The Machinery can now be built on windows using clang instead of cl, by using the command tmbuild --``clang.
  • Better error messages from runner.exe.
  • Our .clang-format and pre-commit files are now distributed in the beta.
  • Added information about hot-reloading to the README document.
  • There is now a property editor for the vec2 type. [#266]
by The Machinery Team